Do you find it harder to live the life you want?

You did not plan on being in this position. Looking back, you could have done things differently. You could have saved more, and spent less on things that you thought you needed. That is ok - you are not alone. You should look back only to take inventory of what you know, what you are passionate about, and what you are really good at. You are an expert and people look to you for help - you know, those things that make a difference. Now, is your chance to take charge and turn your passions, life skills, and expertise and turn it into a business. This business may be only you, but that is probably better anyway - you can control what you do and build the rest of your life into what you dream of. This course is designed to help you take charge and learn how being an entrepreneur can be your ticket to taking the best of you - to earn, be independent, make a difference, and build a better life.

Course curriculum

    1. Before we begin...

    1. Introduction

    1. What is an entrepreneur definition

    2. Why start a business after 50

    3. Traits of successful entrepreneurs

    4. Realities of entrepreneurship

    1. You as an entrepreneur

    2. Best advice you will ever receive

    1. Take the Entrepreneur Readiness Assessment

    1. Schedule your time with Keith

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