Why take the assessment?

Planning is crucial in life and business. This is your first step in planning your business. Knowing if you are a ready to be an entrepreneur starts NOW.

Most business failures occur because there is a lack of planning. Many entrepreneurs are driven by emotion and spontaneous decisions. Taking this assessment will give you an opportunity to self evaluate and become aware of what it is like to be a business owner. Learning is a basic trait of success. You are about to learn more about yourself.

What you will experience

The assessment is designed to help you evaluate your personal traits, business skills, emotional strengths, and your personal life impact. This list provides you just a few of the reasons to take the assessment.

  • Do you have the business skills

  • Awareness of the time, emotional and personal impact

  • Awareness of risk

  • Importance of preparing, planning and learning

Course Curriculum

The First Step Toward Building A Successful Business

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    • Welcome

    • A message from your instructor ...

  • 2

    Let's Take The Assessment

    • Take the Entrepreneur Readiness Assessment

  • 3

    Next Steps...

    • How did you do?

    • Next Steps. . .

Your success is in your hands!

Do not go into business without having an idea about what lies ahead.